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The Road to Beijing
Comprehensive Unit

Grade Level

Middle School - Secondary




Curriculum guide / CD-ROM, / 2 documentaries on DVD (High School version) $34.95
Curriculum guide / CD-ROM / 2 documentaries on DVD (Middle School version) $34.95

These two curriculum units (middle school and high school versions) focus on the history and geography of Beijing and the 2008 Summer Olympics. The units introduce students to the modern Chinese city of Beijing through its history, geography, and major attractions and sights, and include PowerPoint presentations with images and information about major historical sites in Beijing and modern scenes of the city. In addition, SPICE has developed an interactive website which will allow students to view the geographic location and to learn the history of key sites in Beijing.

These curriculum units also feature two documentaries. The first documentary was filmed in Beijing in fall 2007 and features Yo-Yo Ma and music of the Silk Road Ensemble. The second documentary was filmed by NBC and features comments by Olympians participating in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

With its hosting of the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing will be in the international spotlight. Throughout the history of the Olympics, the Games have served as a tool to further international relations and foster a sense of global unity. Since winning the Olympic bid in 2001, China has put a tremendous amount of effort and investment into preparing for the event’s success, and hopes the investment will pay off in long-term economic and social stability in Beijing and throughout the country. China views the 2008 Olympics as both a celebration of cultural achievement and a critical opportunity to present its modernity to the world and to win global recognition as a thriving, unified, and powerful country.

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