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Teaching Resources on Korea

To promote a deeper understanding of Korean culture, history, and contemporary issues, we recommend the following diverse set of teaching resources and curriculum tools to bring Korea to life in K-12 classrooms.


Inter-Korean Relations: Rivalry, Reconciliation, and Reunification

This curriculum unit provides students with a multifaceted view of inter-Korean relations, asking them to study the relationship through the lenses of history, politics, economics, security, and socio-cultural and human dynamics. Finally, students apply their knowledge of inter-Korean relations to consider future prospects for the Korean peninsula. 





Uncovering North Korea

North Korea remains one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented countries in the United States. Uncovering North Korea seeks to fill this gap and strives to bring more accurate information and objectivity to the study of North Korea.






 U.S.-South Korean Relations

This curriculum unit introduces students to the four core pillars of the U.S.-South Korean alliance: democracy, economic prosperity, security, and socio-cultural interaction. Through their study of these pillars, students develop an understanding of the nature and history of this longstanding relationship.







 Video: "North Korea: A Personal Journey"

Philip Yun, Vice President for Resource Development, The Asia Foundation, San Francisco, recounts his experience as a deputy to the head U.S. delegate to the four-party Korea peace talks and as a senior policy advisor to the U.S. Coordinator for North Korea. 




Additional Resources

After Kim Jong Il's death, Stanford experts consider North Korea's future

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