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Gary Mukai
an image of five men at the beach and an image of a man standing

Teaching Diverse Perspectives on the Vietnam War

Blogs / November 16, 2021
On Veterans Day 2021, SPICE Director Gary Mukai reflects on some lesser-known stories of Vietnam War veterans.
gate to University of Tokyo

A Gateway to Collaboration: SPICE/Stanford and CASEER/University of Tokyo

Blogs / November 9, 2021
The SPICE/Stanford–CASEER/UTokyo Lecture Series provides a platform to share current educational research and practice.
Stanford e-Kawasaki students and instructors

Opening Ceremony Held for Stanford e-Kawasaki

Blogs / October 12, 2021
Kawasaki Mayor Norihiko Fukuda makes welcoming comments.
screenshot of an instructor and a student

Stanford Alumni Cultivate Future Social Entrepreneurs in China

Blogs / September 14, 2021
SPICE seeks to expand its offerings to students and teachers in China.
Stanford e-Entrepreneurship Japan honorees with their instructors

Fostering the Entrepreneurs and Innovators of Tomorrow

News / August 24, 2021
On August 11, 2021, SPICE honored the top students in the 2020 Stanford e-Entrepreneurship Japan Program in a virtual ceremony.
Japan Day honorees Zoom image

Japan Day: Recognizing Top Students in Stanford e-Japan and the Reischauer Scholars Program

News / August 17, 2021
Congratulations to the 2020 Stanford e-Japan and 2021 RSP honorees.
SPICE Instructor Kasumi Yamashita speaks with Native and Indigenous educators

Indigenous Voices: Educational Perspectives from Navajo, Native Hawaiian, and Ainu Scholars in the Diaspora

Blogs / July 27, 2021
This article recaps a June 18, 2021 webinar that featured three Native and Indigenous scholars and includes recommendations for using the webinar recording in classrooms.
headshots of eight high school students

What Does It Mean to Be an American?: Reflections from Students (Part 5)

Blogs / July 20, 2021
Reflections of eight students on the website "What Does It Mean to Be an American?"
Yo-Yo Ma with Professor Dien and the SPICE staff, Art Institute of Chicago

Professor Emeritus Albert Dien Delivers Final Lecture

Blogs / July 13, 2021
On June 29, 2021, Stanford Professor Emeritus Albert Dien, East Asian Languages and Culture, delivered his last lecture.
George Mukai in Munsan, a town south of the Imjin River near Panmunjom, during the Korean War, 1951

SPICE’s Educational Offerings on Korea

Blogs / June 15, 2021
SPICE offers a series of Korea-focused lesson plans, an online course for U.S. high school students, and teacher professional development opportunities.
Zoom screenshots of EPIC fellows

2021 Education Partnership for Internationalizing Curriculum Symposium

Blogs / June 1, 2021
On Saturday, May 22, 2021, SPICE’s Jonas Edman moderated two panels during the 2021 EPIC Fellowship Program Symposium for community college educators.
eight students headshot

What Does It Mean to Be an American?: Reflections from Students (Part 4)

Blogs / May 18, 2021
Reflections of eight students on the website "What Does It Mean to Be an American?"

What Does It Mean to Be an American?: A Web-based Curriculum Toolkit

Blogs / September 29, 2020
“What Does It Mean to Be an American?” is a free educational web-based curriculum toolkit for high school and college students that examines what it means to be an American developed by the Mineta...
Webinar poster with three speakers

Training for the Olympics During COVID-19

Blogs / August 25, 2020
For episode 4 of the CoviDB Speaker Series, TeachAids Founder and CEO Dr. Piya Sorcar provides a glimpse into how the pandemic has impacted the lives of two of the world’s greatest athletes.
Two students holding diplomas with a principle in a room

Stanford e-Tottori: An Oasis of Promise

Blogs / August 4, 2020
When I first visited Tottori Prefecture’s iconic sand dunes a few years ago, I was reminded of other places, including deserts and long beaches, that I have visited where the path seemed like an...
jun yamasaki final project

My Continuing Journey with Stanford e-Japan

Blogs / July 7, 2020
The following reflection is a guest post written by Jun Yamasaki, a Spring 2017 alum and honoree of the Stanford e-Japan Program, which is currently accepting applications for Fall 2020. He is now a...
sting of indifference

The Sting of Indifference

Commentary / June 23, 2020
Director Gary Mukai reaffirms SPICE’s commitment to racial and social justice.

SPICE Director Gary Mukai interviewed by The Education Newspaper of Japan

News / October 8, 2019

This summer, SPICE Director Dr. Gary Mukai was interviewed at Stanford by The Education Newspaper of Japan about his long experience working with American and Japanese students. In particular, the two-part feature highlighted his impactful work in education and U.S.–Japan relations over his 40-year career.

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Training teachers as a springboard for cross-cultural awareness

News / August 6, 2014

Twenty-four U.S. secondary school teachers gathered at Stanford to learn about Korea's history, culture and society at the Hana-Stanford Conference, co-sponsored by FSI’s Shorenstein APARC and SPICE. The conference – in its third year – aims to make Korean studies accessible to all grade levels.

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The Reischauer Scholars Program and BEYOND Tomorrow: cultivating future leaders on both sides of the Pacific

News / August 29, 2013
12 high school and college student delegates from BEYOND Tomorrow, a Tokyo-based non-profit established to support young victims from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, shared their stories and experiences during a special visit to Stanford University.
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Japan Day 2013: honoring Reischauer scholars

News / August 25, 2013
The Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education (SPICE) honored three of the top students of the 2013 Reischauer Scholars Program (RSP) and celebrated the tenth anniversary of the RSP at a Japan Day event at Stanford University on August 9, 2013.
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Bringing Korea into the classroom

News / August 25, 2013

Just two days after the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Korean Armistice Agreement, which was signed on July 27, 1953 in Panmunjom, educators and students from both sides of the Pacific gathered at Stanford University to participate in the second annual Hana–Stanford Conference for Secondary School Teachers.

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2012 Reischauer scholars honored at Stanford University

News / August 20, 2012

SPICE honored three top students of the 2012 Reischauer Scholars Program (RSP)—Brooke Nowakowski (San Antonio, TX), Seunghwa Madeleine Han (San Ramon, CA), and Emily Waltman (Tenafly, NJ)—at the RSP Japan Day event at Stanford University on August 10, 2012.

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