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History of Japanese War Brides

August 2022

SPICE has developed free lesson plans on an important chapter of U.S. immigration history that is largely unknown.

Announcing the Honorees of SPICE’s 2021–22 Regional Programs in Japan

June 2022

Congratulations to the ten student honorees from Hiroshima Prefecture, Kawasaki City, Kobe City, Oita Prefecture, and Tottori Prefecture.

Kawasaki City Mayor Norihiko Fukuda Delivers Inspirational Comments to Students

April 2022

Stanford e-Kawasaki closing ceremony held.

Kinan Azmeh and Yo-Yo Ma: Art in a Time of Crisis

March 2022

On April 6, 2022, Silkroad will be performing at Stanford University.

Opening Ceremony for Stanford e-Fukuoka

March 2022

Governor Seitaro Hattori, Ambassador Rahm Emanuel, and Principal Officer John C. Taylor congratulate students in inaugural class.

Introduction to Issues in International Security

March 2022

A new video curriculum series is released.

Stanford e-Kobe Guest Speaker: Hinako Saldi Sato

March 2022

Empowering Japanese women through community building

Stanford e-Hiroshima: Empowering Youth in Hiroshima

February 2022

Ryuji and Nanako Yamada share reflections on their lives in Hiroshima and their American mentors.

SPICE’s Rylan Sekiguchi Selected as a Cohort Fellow for the Movers and Shakas Program

February 2022

Movers and Shakas is an initiative to attract remote workers, especially returning kamaʻāina, to create a more innovative, resilient, and sustainable Hawaiʻi.

Professor Yujin Yaguchi, University of Tokyo, Offers Lecture on Pearl Harbor for Stanford e-Japan

January 2022

Professor Yujin Yaguchi introduced diverse perspectives on Pearl Harbor to 27 high school students in Stanford e-Japan.

Civil and Human Rights: The Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy

January 2022

SPICE recommends the use of a short lecture—titled “Civil and Human Rights: The Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy” by Dr. Clayborne Carson—for high school and college levels.

High School Students in China and the United States Collaborate

July 2021

Students in SPICE’s China Scholars and Stanford e-China Programs meet in virtual classrooms.

SPICE’s Educational Offerings on Korea

June 2021

SPICE offers a series of Korea-focused lesson plans, an online course for U.S. high school students, and teacher professional development opportunities.

Webinar to Explore Native and Indigenous Studies in the Classroom

June 2021

Navajo, Native Hawaiian, and Ainu educators will join together on June 18 to examine the state of Indigenous studies.

Angel Island Immigration Station: The Hidden History

October 2020

On September 2, 2020, over 160 educators from across the United States joined a webinar titled “Angel Island Immigration Station: The Hidden History.”

The Sting of Indifference

June 2020

Director Gary Mukai reaffirms SPICE’s commitment to racial and social justice.

Visualizing the Essential: Mexicans in the U.S. Agricultural Workforce

June 2020

During multiple periods of economic crisis, the U.S. economy has depended on Mexican labor.


rylan sekiguchi Rylan Sekiguchi Manager of Curriculum and Instructional Design, Instructor, Stanford e-Hiroshima, Manager, Stanford SEAS Hawaii
ignacio ornelas rodriguez Ignacio Ornelas Rodriguez Curriculum Consultant
Waka Takahashi Brown Waka Takahashi Brown Instructor and Manager, Stanford e-Japan, Curriculum Specialist
jonas edman Jonas Edman Instructor, Stanford e-Tottori, Instructional Designer
Kasumi Yamashita Kasumi Yamashita Instructor, Stanford e-Oita, Instructor, Stanford e-Fukuoka