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Announcing the Honorees of the 2022 Stanford e-Fukuoka Program

Congratulations to student honorees Kasane Horiuchi and Mihiro Tomomatsu.
Two images of Japanese high school students
Kasane Horiuchi and Mihiro Tomomatsu, 2022 Stanford e-Fukuoka honorees

In 2022 SPICE launched the Stanford e-Fukuoka program, a new online course offered to high school students across Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan. Stanford e-Fukuoka’s main themes revolve around U.S.–Japan relations, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and entrepreneurship. In the course, students engage in discussions with speakers on topics such as Japanese immigration to the United States, the historical preservation of cultural sites, and media representations of ethnicity.

Stanford e-Fukuoka is the latest of SPICE’s growing number of local student programs in Japan, which include other regional programs such as Stanford e-Hiroshima, Stanford e-Kawasaki, Stanford e-Kobe, Stanford e-Oita, and Stanford e-Tottori. These online courses are a collaboration between SPICE and local government and school officials in Japan and challenge students to think critically about global themes related to U.S. society and culture and U.S.–Japan relations.

The inaugural session of Stanford e-Fukuoka recently came to a close, and two students have been selected to be recognized as honorees for their outstanding performance in the course. Congratulations to the 2022 Stanford e-Fukuoka honorees on their excellent academic achievement!

Student Honoree: Kasane Horiuchi
School:  Tochiku High School
Project Title: Research on Plastic Bottle Recycling

Student Honoree: Mihiro Tomomatsu
School:  Hakata Seisho High School
Project Title: Break Invisible Barriers. Create the World that Everyone Needs

These students will be honored at a virtual event hosted by SPICE, Stanford University, this week. During the ceremony they will also make a formal presentation to members of the Stanford community, the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco, and the Japanese community in the San Francisco Bay Area.

SPICE also offers national online courses to Japanese high school students (Stanford e-Japan), to Chinese high school students (Stanford e-China), and to U.S. high school students on Japan (Reischauer Scholars Program), China (China Scholars Program), and Korea (Sejong Korea Scholars Program).

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Announcing the Honorees of SPICE’s 2021–22 Regional Programs in Japan

Congratulations to the ten student honorees from Hiroshima Prefecture, Kawasaki City, Kobe City, Oita Prefecture, and Tottori Prefecture.
Principal Officer John C. Taylor and Governor Seitaro Hattori with students

Opening Ceremony for Stanford e-Fukuoka

Governor Seitaro Hattori, Ambassador Rahm Emanuel, and Principal Officer John C. Taylor congratulate students in inaugural class.
Photo of student honorees holding plaques

SPICE Honors Top Students from 2020–2021 Regional Programs in Japan

Congratulations to the eight student honorees from Hiroshima Prefecture, Kawasaki City, Oita Prefecture, and Tottori Prefecture.