Internet Guides

Designed for teachers, the Clearinghouse Internet Guides provide annotated lists of recommended Web sites about Japan arranged by topic. We have tried to include sites with both specific and general information on each topic, as well as several sites for each guide appropriate for students to visit by themselves. Some sites provide background information, some provide teaching ideas, and others are just plain fun.

Most Recent Additions

Japan's Territorial Disputes
Presents annotations of 18 websites that address the territorial disputes Japan has with China, South Korea, and Russia over over the Takeshima Islands, Okinotori, the Senkaku Islands, and the Kurile Islands. Available in PDF format ( 94.01 KB )

Japan and the Environment
Presents annotations of 21 websites that address the Kyoto Protocol and offer lesson plans, government information and resources, and sites for and about kids and the environment. It concludes with sites about recycling and land reclamation in Japan. Available in PDF format ( 86.28 KB )

Japanese Remembrances of World War II
This guide offers summaries of and links to websites that address how Japan remembers the war, specifically: the atomic bombings, the battle of Okinawa, the issue of responsibility for the war, the issue of sexual slavery of women, and the Nanjing Massacre. Available in PDF format ( 10.33 KB )

Pacific War Sources and Lessons
So much of what appears in textbooks about the war in the Pacific focuses on U.S. military actions from Pearl Harbor to the surrender of Japan. Many of the websites annotated in this Internet Guide deal with the Japanese point of view of the war in the Pacific, offer primary sources, or address issues surrounding the decision to drop the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Available in PDF format ( 98.81 KB )

Culture Guides

Regions of Japan
Presenting annotated links to 33 sites, this Internet Guide offers information about each of the eight regions of Japan, such as local festivals, geographical characteristics, historical background, sightseeing locations, cultural characteristics, the indigenous Ainu people, and famous landmarks such as Mt. Fuji and the Itsukushima Shrine. Available in PDF format ( 150.25 KB )

Traditional Japanese Music
This Internet Guide presents annotations of Web sites that address generally the issue of traditional Japanese music and sites that focus on particular instruments (koto, shakuhachi, shamisen, and taiko). Music plays a large role in the traditional dramatic arts of kabuki and noh, so the guide concludes with annotations of sites addressing these art forms. Available in PDF format ( 91.18 KB )

Japanese-Style Gardens
This guide presents 20 Web sites that address Japanese-style gardens and how K-12 educators have incorporated activities involving such gardens into their curriculum. It begins with links to some general sites, then offers links to K-12 schools that have developed their own Japanese-style gardens, and concludes with links to lesson plans about Japanese gardens. Available in PDF format ( 83.52 KB )

Using Literature to Teach Japan
Intended to supplement our Japan Digest of the same name, this Internet Guide presents annotated links to lesson plans based on several works of literature mentioned in the Digest. It also offers links of interest to students, links to sites about haiku and tanka, and links to organizations. Available in PDF format ( 89.09 KB )

Japanese Pop Culture
This guide lists sites that feature Japanese pop culture trends that are currently influencing life in the United States. Available in PDF format ( 83.65 KB )

Japanese Architecture
This guide to architectural resources on the Internet links to information about specific buildings and architectural sites, traditional and modern Japanese architecture, and life in a Japanese house. Available in PDF format ( 82.36 KB )

Language Education
This guide to Japanese language education resources on the Internet links to teaching resources and organizations. Available in PDF format ( 82.72 KB )

Japanese Art
This guide to Japanese art resources on the Internet links to museum collections and exhibits, informative articles, and curriculum.Available in PDF format ( 90.01 KB )

Japan's Imperial Family
An internet guide to the history, origins, and contemporary life of Japan's Imperial Family, including links to news about Princess Aiko and the discussion of imperial succession. Links to teaching resources exploring the Heian Imperial Court, Meiji nationalism and imperialism, and the Emperor's role in modern Japanese politics are also included. Available in PDF format ( 80.63 KB )

Festivals and National Holidays
This guide begins with links to comprehensive Web sites about Japan's major national holidays and festivals, which are then followed by more detailed links to Web sites on specific holidays. Find out about Oshogatsu, Seijin no hi, Setsubun, Hinamatsuri, Tango no sekku, Obon, and more. Available in PDF format ( 76.78 KB )

Japanese Food
A guide to all kinds of Japanese food. Includes links to information on traditional New Year's foods, the importance of rice in Japan, the tea ceremony, and everyday cooking. Links to several comprehensive sites containing recipes for cooking your own Japanese food are also included. The site from Kids Web Japan is excellent for younger students. Available in PDF format ( 72.92 KB )

History Guides

Japanese Government
This guide links to sites which discuss the the Japanese government. Sites covering the constitution, the branches of government, lawmaking, and political parties are featured. Available in PDF format ( 77.18 KB )

Japanese-American Internment
This guide to resources for teaching about Japanese-American internment links to online exhibits, archives, and curriculum. Available in PDF format ( 73.87 KB )

Japan in World History
An internet guide to aid in teaching about Japan in world history courses. Links to curriculum units, filmographies, an online textbook and more. Sites that coincide with the AP World History guidelines are followed by ~AP World History. Available in PDF format ( 72.92 KB )

Society Guides

Resources for Teaching Japanese Current Events Last updated 8/02
A guide to English-language sources of information on Japanese current events. Links to online newspapers, news Web sites, news/academic and informative journals from Asia, U.S. news sources focusing on Asia, and teaching resource sites from CNN and the New York Times. Available in PDF format ( 69.75 KB )

Education and Student Life in Japan Last updated 5/03
A guide to K-12 Japanese education. Links to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Web site; Japan Digests on general and high school education; informative journal articles on elementary education; and to statistical information on education in Japan. Available in PDF format ( 80.57 KB )

Women in Japanese Society Last updated 5/03
Includes links to sites with information on changes in Japanese women's roles at home and at work since World War II, including changes in family structure. Links to statistical data on marriage and divorce rates, fertility, and domestic violence; and articles on gender-equity in Japan are also included. Available in PDF format ( 80.13 KB )

Japan's Aging Population Last updated 5/03
Links to articles, essays, statistics, and reports on Japan's aging population and the subsequent effects on social security, work force, and family structure. Available in PDF format ( 80.93 KB )