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Researchers and Staff

Waka Takahashi Brown

Waka Takahashi Brown

Instructor and Manager, Stanford e-Japan

Jonas Edman

Instructor and Manager, Sejong Korea Scholars Program
Instructional Designer

Greg Francis

Curriculum Consultant

Naomi Funahashi

Manager, Reischauer Scholars Program and Teacher Professional Development

Sabrina Ishimatsu

Sales Manager
Event Coordinator
Distance Learning Instructor

HyoJung Jang

Dr. HyoJung Jang

Instructor, Sejong Korea Scholars Program

Grace MyHyun Kim

Curriculum Consultant

Meiko Kotani

Instructor, Stanford e-Japan

Selena Lai

Curriculum Consultant

Tanya Lee

Instructor, China Scholars Program

Carey Moncaster

Instructor, Stanford e-China

Keikoh Ryu

Advisory Committee Member, Stanford e-China Program

Rylan Sekiguchi

Manager of Curriculum and Instructional Design
Instructor, Stanford e-Hiroshima

Karen Zhao

Financial Analyst