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China Scholars Program

China Scholars Program

China Scholars Program

China Scholars Program

Accepting Applications

June 13, 2017 - August 15, 2017


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Tuition: $1,500


Introduction to Contemporary China

The China Scholars Program (CSP) is an interactive, synchronous online course for high school students in the United States—a new addition to Stanford University’s SPICE Program in Pre-Collegiate Global Learning. Students will explore key issues in contemporary China, spanning politics, economics, social issues, culture, and the arts, and with an emphasis on its relationship with the United States. In real-time “virtual classrooms” with leading scholars, experts, and former government officials from Stanford University and other institutions, students will participate in a rigorous learning experience.

Modeled after SPICE’s long-running Reischauer Scholars Program on Japan, the CSP will select 20–30 exceptional high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors from throughout the United States to engage in a one-semester, intensive study of contemporary China, with an emphasis on how the United States and China have influenced and understood each other in recent history. The inaugural course will be offered in fall 2017, running from late August through December.

Coursework includes weekly reading and writing assignments, culminating in an independent research project. Final research projects will be printed in journal format, and students are also required to lead two presentations on China at their home schools or local communities. Students who successfully complete the course will earn Stanford Continuing Studies Program credit and a Certificate of Completion from SPICE, Stanford University.

CSP students will also have opportunities to interact with Chinese high school students in the Stanford e-China Program, deepening their mutual cross-cultural understanding and broadening their global perspectives.

Selected students will participate in 12 “virtual classes” between August 28 and December 22, 2017. Majority of the virtual classes will be held on Wednesday evenings. Students should expect to allot 4–6 hours per week to complete the lectures, discussions, readings, and assignments. Since this is a distance-learning course, however, students can structure most of the work around their individual schedules. Although intensive, the CSP will equip participants with a rare degree of expertise about China and its relationship with the United States that may have a significant impact on their choice of study and future careers. Students do not need to know the Chinese language or have any prior experience with China to participate in this course.


For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions or e-mail

Dr. Tanya Lee
China Scholars Program and Stanford e-China Instructor
Encina Hall, C333
Stanford, CA 94305
(650) 723-6784 (fax)

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