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Student Programs

SPICE offers several comprehensive online courses for students, including some of the world’s best online high school programs in global issues and international relations. With more than 15 years of experience in online education, SPICE is a leader in the field. Our online courses leverage Stanford University’s elite scholarship and expansive resources to give our students an unparalleled learning experience.

We bring Stanford scholarship to students around the world—both in the United States and internationally.


Online Courses for High School Students in the United States

We currently run three pre-collegiate online courses for U.S.-based students, each focused on a foreign society: China, Japan, and Korea. These college-level courses are designed to be both engaging and academically rigorous, allowing students the extraordinary opportunity to learn from top scholars throughout the United States. Students who complete the course earn three units of credit from Stanford Continuing Studies and a Certificate of Completion from SPICE, Stanford University.

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China Scholars Program (CSP)

Offered in both the spring and fall, the China Scholars Program takes students on a deep dive into contemporary China, analyzing its politics, economics, social issues, culture, and arts, with a special focus on the U.S.–China relationship.
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Reischauer Scholars Program (RSP)

Offered in the spring, the Reischauer Scholars Program is SPICE’s longest-running online course. Since 2003, it has equipped students with a rare degree of knowledge about Japan, encompassing its history, literature, religion, art, politics, economics, and contemporary society.
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Sejong Korea Scholars Program (SKSP)

Offered every spring, the Sejong Korea Scholars Program engages students in an in-depth exploration of Korean history and culture, ranging from ancient history and religion to popular culture and North Korea.

RSP Student Reflections

Listen to three alumni of the Reischauer Scholars Program—Pierce, Sarah, and Risako—describe their experiences in the course.

Online Courses for High School Students Abroad

In addition to our U.S.-based student programs, we also offer online high school courses to students in China and Japan.

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Stanford e-China

Stanford e-China connects high school and year 1–2 university students in China with leading Stanford University scholars and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to explore some of the top technologies changing the world, including green tech, finance tech, health tech, and artificial intelligence, as well as Design Thinking.
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Stanford e-Japan

Offered every spring and fall, Stanford e-Japan is our flagship online high school program for students in Japan. Participants engage in an intensive study of U.S. society, American culture, and the U.S.–Japan relationship, spanning topics such as Silicon Valley and high schools in the United States.
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Stanford e-Entrepreneurship Japan

Offered every spring and fall, Stanford e-Entrepreneurship Japan is an online course for high school students in Japan meant to foster creative thinking and problem-solving skills in students with a focus on addressing social issues through innovation.
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Local Programs in Japan

SPICE offers online programs for high school students in specific regions in Japan, including several prefectures, cities, and individual high schools. We also partner with the Hiroshima Business and Management School to offer a course on entrepreneurship to MBA students in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Stanford e-Japan Student Reflections

Each summer, top students from Stanford e-Japan are invited to present their research to an audience of distinguished guests at Stanford University. In this short video, student honorees Minoru and Miyu share their program experiences.


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