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After the Darkness


On March 11, 2011, the largest earthquake in Japan’s 2,000-year recorded history struck Japan’s northern region of Tohoku. Within minutes, a massive tsunami devastated much of the Pacific coastline of Japan, and up to 19,000 lives were lost. After the Darkness is a documentary film that touches upon the events of the disaster itself but also focuses on the experiences of two survivors in particular. The film chronicles their personal stories, tragedies, and triumphs and ultimately depicts how they, and Japan as a whole, have started to recover.

The teacher’s guide for After the Darkness provides materials that supplement the information and issues explored in the film: setting-the-stage activities, note-taking handouts, answer keys, and a PowerPoint presentation as well as numerous discussion questions and extension activities. The film After the Darkness is available for streaming directly from the SPICE website.

In addition, the guide also delves into the Fukushima nuclear disaster that was a result of the March 11, 2011, natural disaster. Utilizing the scholarship of Stanford University, the guide provides instructional reading materials on this topic for students at or above their grade level as recommended by the Common Core State Standards.