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Japan and the World

The “Japan and the World” video lectures and accompanying lessons were made possible by a generous grant from the Center for Global Partnership (CGP)/The Japan Foundation to the Japan Program, Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center (APARC), Stanford University. The Japan Program and SPICE staffs would like to extend their appreciation to Osamu Honda, Director, CGP New York; and Ayumi Takita, Program Director, and Lisa Wong, Associate Program Officer, Intellectual Exchange Program, CGP New York, for their unwavering support of pre-collegiate and collegiate education about Japan and U.S.–Japan relations. The Principal Investigator of the “Japan and the World” project is Dr. Takeo Hoshi, Director, Japan Program, Shorenstein APARC, Stanford University.

The lessons were developed based on short, accessible video lectures that were given by scholars who offered full lectures on similar topics for the Stanford University course “Japan and the World: Innovation, Economic Growth, Globalization and International Security Challenges” that was offered in spring 2016. This course introduced students to the economy, politics and international relations of contemporary Japan—placing particular emphasis on several emerging issues in Japan including innovation and economic dynamism, Japan's contributions to international peace and cooperation, and Japan's response to international economic and geopolitical challenges. “Japan and the World” was co-taught by Dr. Takeo Hoshi and Dr. Phillip Lipscy, Political Science.