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Note: Given the tremendous need for these materials, TeachAIDS and SPICE are offering this unit for free download (link below).

"A learning and health training tool that delivers culturally appropriate, accurate and enjoyable health information. A great way of "Breaking the Silence" about HIV and AIDS in a non-threatening and informative classroom setting."

-- David Katzenstein, Professor of Medicine and Infectious Disease, Stanford University

HIV/AIDS is one of the most challenging and important health issues in the world today. In fact, 9 out of 10 people infected worldwide do not know their serostatus, increasing the risk that the virus's already rapid rate of spread will escalate. HIV/AIDS is a preventable and treatable illness, and with widespread awareness created through proper education it can be effectively controlled.

TeachAIDS and SPICE have collaborated to provide pedagogically-grounded interactive health materials that promote a powerful and dynamic approach to HIV/AIDS education.

Based on original research conducted through the School of Education at Stanford University, these interactive applications were developed by an interdisciplinary team of experts in the fields of education, communications, public health, and medicine to target young learners. To ameliorate discomfort associated with discussing these often stigmatized issues, the materials emphasize the biological aspects of HIV/AIDS with socially-appropriate euphemisms and utilize animated agents, in a manner which also maximizes educational efficacy.

The animated materials contain eleven chapters outlining topics like: how the HIV/AIDS pandemic is changing the world; why the HIV virus is adaptive and dangerous; how someone gets infected with HIV, including a discussion of high-risk and no-risk fluids and direct transmission; facts and figures about HIV prevention and treatment strategies; and most importantly, what young people can do to help spread HIV/AIDS awareness.

The animated materials also contain quiz questions to enhance learning and retention. They can be used as videos to promote learning among peers in classroom environments or on individual computers to allow private learning. These materials are accompanied by an educator's guide, which contains several activities to enhance learning in informal and formal environments.

These animated tutorials have been hugely successful in promoting HIV/AIDS education around the world. Learners of all ages are currently using these materials in places like South Africa, India, Botswana, Rwanda, Canada, China, and the United States.

Appropriate for elementary to college students

Founded and developed through the Stanford University School of Education, TeachAIDS is a nonprofit organization to promote HIV/AIDS prevention strategies for young learners through research-based, culturally appropriate interactive learning tools.


TeachAIDS Educator Handbook (English only)

TeachAIDS Animated Materials


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