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Announcing the Honorees of SPICE’s 2020–21 Regional Programs in Japan

Congratulations to the eight student honorees from Hiroshima Prefecture, Kawasaki City, Oita Prefecture, and Tottori Prefecture.
Cherry blossoms in bloom in Karuizawa, Japan
Cherry blossoms in bloom in Karuizawa, Japan; photo courtesy Naoaki Mashita.

SPICE currently runs four regional programs for high school students in Japan: Stanford e-Hiroshima, Stanford e-Kawasaki, Stanford e-Oita, and Stanford e-Tottori. These online courses are coordinated in collaboration with school and government officials at the city and prefectural levels, with the goal of presenting creative and innovative approaches to teaching Japanese high school students about U.S. society and culture and global themes.

All four courses recently finished their 2020–21 term. This summer, two top students from each course will be honored through a virtual event hosted by SPICE, Stanford University. Congratulations to the eight honorees below on their academic excellence!

Stanford e-Hiroshima (Instructor Rylan Sekiguchi)

Student Honoree: Sara Arakawa
School: Hiroshima Prefectural Hiroshima Kokutaiji Senior High School
Project Title: Silicon Valley: Secrets Behind Success

Student Honoree: Chika Isone
School: Hiroshima Prefectural Hiroshima Senior High School
Project Title: Making Innovation by Design Thinking in Silicon Valley

Stanford e-Kawasaki (Instructor Maiko Tamagawa Bacha)

Student Honoree: Eric Silang
School: Kawasaki High School
Project Title: Humor and America

Student Honoree: Shunya Tani
School: Kawasaki High School
Project Title: Possible Ways to Promote Renewable Energy in Japan and the U.S.

Stanford e-Oita (Instructor Kasumi Yamashita)

Student Honoree: Hana Burkart
School: Hofu High School
Project Title: Social Discrimination Against Foreigners in Japan

Student Honoree: Yayano Okuda
School: Usa High School
Project Title: Environmental Education

Stanford e-Tottori (Instructor Jonas Edman)

Student Honoree: Eri Tamura
School: Tottori Nishi High School
Project Title: Teachers’ Treatment in the U.S.

Student Honoree: Hinata Yonemura
School: Yonago Higashi High School
Project Title: Veganism: How Japanese Society Can Promote It

The SPICE staff is looking forward to honoring these eight students in a virtual ceremony on August 23, 2021 (August 24 in Japan). Each student will be given the opportunity to make a formal presentation to members of the Stanford community and the Japanese community in the San Francisco Bay Area.

SPICE also offers online courses to U.S. high school students on Japan (Reischauer Scholars Program), China (China Scholars Program), and Korea (Sejong Korea Scholars Program), and online courses to Chinese high school students on the United States (Stanford e-China) and to Japanese high school students on the United States and U.S.–Japan relations (Stanford e-Japan).

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Honorees of SPICE’s regional programs in Japan

Ceremony Honors Top Students from SPICE’s Regional Programs in Japan

Congratulations to the eight honorees of SPICE’s 2019–2020 regional programs in Japan.
Victoria Tsai in Kyoto

Stanford e-Kawasaki Guest Speaker: Victoria Tsai, Founder and CEO, Tatcha

The entrepreneur and businesswoman spoke to students about how certain key experiences in her life influenced her path.
Headshot of Risa Ishii and Takaho Iwasaki

Journey into the World of Entrepreneurship: Stanford e-Hiroshima Guest Speakers, Risa Ishii and Takaho Iwasaki

Stanford e-Hiroshima is an online course for high school students in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, that is sponsored by the Hiroshima Prefectural Government.

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Sumire Hirotsuru performing in Tokyo; photo courtesy Sumire Hirotsuru

Giving Back to One’s Hometown: Stanford e-Oita Guest Speaker, Sumire Hirotsuru

The accomplished young violinist, who was born and raised in Oita Prefecture, encouraged students to think about their strengths and emphasized the importance of balancing academics and extracurricular activities.