CrashCourse: The Prevention and Treatment of Concussions

CrashCourse filming at Stanford University Behind-the-scenes footage of CrashCourse filming at Stanford University. Dr. Piya Sorcar with players from the Stanford football team who star in the production. TeachAids

In its 46-year history, SPICE, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (FSI), has collaborated with numerous Stanford-affiliated organizations on educational programs. One of the most meaningful and significant collaborations has been with TeachAids, an award-winning global leader in designing, producing, and distributing research-based health education. With programs used in 82 countries, TeachAids released its newest product, CrashCourse, seeking to decrease the stigma surrounding concussion reporting and empower youth athletes with much needed knowledge. All TeachAids education content is available for free.

The SPICE staff highly encourages teachers in SPICE’s network to access the CrashCourse Concussion Education content and share it with their colleagues in their school’s science-, health-, and sports-related programs. The following is noted on CrashCourse’s main webpage:

One in five high school athletes will get a concussion. With proper care, most concussions can heal within 10 days, but the overwhelming majority of students, parents, and coaches are unaware of the latest science about prevention and treatment of concussions. If not treated properly, a concussion may have lasting physical, emotional, and cognitive effects.

Since many schools are now in the midst of football season, this is an ideal time to raise awareness of the prevention and treatment of concussions. In particular, the content will be especially helpful if it can be shared with the school’s athletic or health leadership. In less than a year, CrashCourse has gained great momentum and recognition throughout the country with leading organizations such as Pop Warner, USA Synchro, and USA Football (which offers free Certification for CrashCourse content) using the content to educate their young athletes and larger sports communities (ABC, Fox, CBS).

Through our special partnership, SPICE will be distributing all CrashCourse products for free to our network of more than 10,000 schools reaching all major school districts in the United States.

The CrashCourse initiative was developed under the leadership of TeachAids Founder and Adjunct Affiliate at FSI’s Center for Health Policy Dr. Piya Sorcar. Several other Stanford faculty members affiliated with FSI—including Dr. Douglas Owens, Director of Stanford Health Policy, Dr. Lee Sanders, Chief of General Pediatrics, and Dr. Paul Wise, Richard E. Behrman Professor of Child Health and Society—have served as close advisors for TeachAids so teachers can feel extremely confident in its products. CrashCourse is an excellent example of “engagement beyond our university,” which is one of Stanford’s four long-range planning key areas.

SPICE looks forward to continuing its partnership with TeachAids as both organizations strive to continue to make Stanford scholarship accessible to students not only in the United States but also in many other countries around the world.