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Winners Announced for the Fall 2021 Stanford e-Japan Award

Congratulations to our newest student honorees.
headshots of three students from Japan
Yohei Kiguchi, Mio Kobayashi, and Tomoka Matsushima

Stanford e-Japan is an online course that teaches Japanese high school students about U.S. society and culture and U.S.–Japan relations. The course introduces students to both U.S. and Japanese perspectives on many historical and contemporary issues. It is offered biannually by the Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education (SPICE). Stanford e-Japan is supported by the Yanai Tadashi Foundation.

In August 2022, top students of the Spring 2021 the Fall 2021 Stanford e-Japan course will be honored through an event at Stanford University.

The three Fall 2021 honorees—Yohei Kiguchi (Chiba Prefectural Chiba Senior High School, Chiba), Mio Kobayashi (Shirayuri Gakuen, Tokyo), and Tomoka Matsushima (Senri International School, Osaka)—will be recognized for their coursework and exceptional research essays that focused respectively on “The Key to Japan’s Diversity,” “Laws: Advocates or Enemies of Equality?” and “The First Ladies of the United States: The Ever-Evolving Role of Societal Influence and Issues.”

Ayuki Ichikawa (Keio Senior High School, Kanagawa) and Saya Miyake (Keio Girls High School, Tokyo) received Honorable Mentions for their research papers that focused respectively on “Peer Counseling: A Solution to the Identity Crisis Problem with Students in Japan” and “Future-Oriented Democracy: A New Proposal to Tackle Silver Democracy in Japan and the United States.”

In the Fall 2021 session of Stanford e-Japan, 26 students successfully completed the course. The students represented the following schools: Chiba Prefectural Chiba Senior High School (Chiba); Hibarigaoka Gakuen Senior High School (Hyogo); Hiroshima Jogakuin High School (Hiroshima); Hokkaido Kushiro Koryo High School (Hokkaido); Kasukabe High School (Saitama); Keimei Gakuen (Tokyo); Keio Girls Senior High School (Tokyo); Keio Senior High School (Kanagawa); Kyoto Prefectural Rakuhoku Senior High School (Kyoto); Matsuyama Higashi High School (Ehime); Mita International School (Tokyo); Musashi High School (Tokyo); Nagasaki Prefectural Isahaya High School (Nagasaki); Niijima Gakuen (Gunma); Nirayama High School (Shizuoka); Oita Hofu High School (Oita); Okayama Joto High School (Okayama); Okinawa Shogaku High School (Okinawa); Senior High School at Otsuka, University of Tsukuba (Tokyo); Senri International School of Kwansei Gakuin (Osaka); Shirayuri Gakuen High School (Tokyo); Tennoji Senior High School, Osaka Kyoiku University (Osaka); Tohoku International School (Miyagi); Tokyo Gakugei University International Secondary School (Tokyo); Toyo Eiwa Senior High School (Tokyo); Waseda University Senior High School (Tokyo); and Yashiro High School (Nagano).

For more information about the Stanford e-Japan Program, please visit The application period for Fall 2022 will begin July 1, 2022.

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SPICE offers separate courses for U.S. high school students. For more information, please see the Reischauer Scholars Program (online course about Japan), Sejong Korea Scholars Program (online course about Korea), and China Scholars Program (online course about China).