Mariko Yang-Yoshihara

Mariko Yoshihara Yang

Mariko Yang-Yoshihara, PhD

  • Instructor, Stanford-Hiroshima Collaboration Project on Entrepreneurship
  • Instructor, Stanford e-Eiri
  • Instructor, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability for Eikei University of Hiroshima

616 Jane Stanford Way
Encina Hall, C338-C
Stanford, CA 94305-6060

(650) 498-2663 (voice)


Mariko Yang-Yoshihara works as an instructor and a curriculum specialist for Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education (SPICE). She utilizes inquiry-based pedagogy to design, develop and teach online courses and seminars on subjects such as entrepreneurial mindsets, design thinking, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Mariko is the instructor for the Stanford-Hiroshima Collaboration Project on Entrepreneurship (SHCPE), a graduate course for the Hiroshima Business Management School at the Prefectural University of Hiroshima. She also instructs Stanford e-Eiri, a high school course that explores UN SDGs with a special focus on gender and equality. In addition to her role at SPICE, Mariko teaches graduate seminars on qualitative research methodology and a course on global management as Affiliate Professor at Ritsumeikan University and Co-Lecturer at Hosei University.

Mariko holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Stanford University. Her research interests have revolved around topics such as innovation policy, gender equality, and career trajectory and motivations of the people who support scientific research and development. Her academic works can be found in the volumes published by the MIT Press, the Tokyo University Press, and Hakuto Shobo, as well as in the Journal of Science Policy and Research Management. Prior to her doctoral training, Mariko earned a M.A. in Political Science from Stanford University, a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, Irvine, and a B.A. in Literature from the University of the Sacred Heart in Japan.

Mariko believes that education plays a critical role in inspiring the next generation. As a graduate of the all-girls Sacred Heart School in Tokyo, she is committed to the promotion of women’s empowerment. In 2016, Mariko co-organized the Stanford-Silicon Valley U.S.-Japan Dialogue: Womenomics, the Workplace, and Women and published the final report. That same year, she co-founded SKY Labo, a Japanese non-profit organization to empower girls with “STEM + arts/humanities” (STEAM) education. SKY Labo’s inquiry-based program has successfully obtained the official support from the Gender Equality Bureau of Japan’s Cabinet Office in 2019. Mariko co-authored a book on STEAM education and Design Thinking,『世界を変えるSTEAM人材―シリコンバレー「デザイン思考」の核心』, which was published by Asahi Shinbun Press in 2019. The book is translated into the Chinese language by the Zhejiang People’s Publishing House, which is scheduled for publication in June 2021.