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Yo-Yo Ma with Professor Dien and the SPICE staff, Art Institute of Chicago

Professor Emeritus Albert Dien Delivers Final Lecture

Blogs / July 13, 2021
On June 29, 2021, Stanford Professor Emeritus Albert Dien, East Asian Languages and Culture, delivered his last lecture.
arches at Stanford University

High School Students in China and the United States Collaborate

Blogs / July 9, 2021
Students in SPICE’s China Scholars and Stanford e-China Programs meet in virtual classrooms.
Monument dedicated to the United States Forces in the Korean War, Imjingak, South Korea

Highlights from the 2021 Sejong Korea Scholars Program

Blogs / June 29, 2021
Twenty-three students completed SPICE’s 2021 Sejong Korea Scholars Program.
Maiya Evans at the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Reimagining Public Health

Blogs / June 22, 2021
Guest author Maiya Evans reflects on her EPIC project, which challenges students to reimagine public health.
George Mukai in Munsan, a town south of the Imjin River near Panmunjom, during the Korean War, 1951

SPICE’s Educational Offerings on Korea

Blogs / June 15, 2021
SPICE offers a series of Korea-focused lesson plans, an online course for U.S. high school students, and teacher professional development opportunities.
Flyer for the SPICE webinar "Indigenous Voices: Educational Perspectives from Navajo, Native Hawaiian, and Ainu Scholars in the Diaspora"

Webinar to Explore Native and Indigenous Studies in the Classroom

News / June 8, 2021
Navajo, Native Hawaiian, and Ainu educators will join together on June 18 to examine the state of Indigenous studies.
Zoom screenshots of EPIC fellows

2021 Education Partnership for Internationalizing Curriculum Symposium

Blogs / June 1, 2021
On Saturday, May 22, 2021, SPICE’s Jonas Edman moderated two panels during the 2021 EPIC Fellowship Program Symposium for community college educators.
Stanford e-Entrepreneurship Japan student Naho Abe in Mexico City

Stanford e-Entrepreneurship Japan: Fostering Innovative Ways to Address Social Issues

Blogs / May 25, 2021
The following reflection is a guest post written by Naho Abe, an alumna of Stanford e-Entrepreneurship Japan.
eight students headshot

What Does It Mean to Be an American?: Reflections from Students (Part 4)

Blogs / May 18, 2021
Reflections of eight students on the website "What Does It Mean to Be an American?"
Cherry blossoms in bloom in Karuizawa, Japan

Announcing the Honorees of SPICE’s 2020–21 Regional Programs in Japan

News / May 11, 2021
Congratulations to the eight student honorees from Hiroshima Prefecture, Kawasaki City, Oita Prefecture, and Tottori Prefecture.
Santiago Calderon at Harvard University for debate tournament

How SPICE’s China Scholars Program Accelerated My Love for International Relations

Blogs / May 4, 2021
The following reflection is a guest post written by Santiago Calderon, an alumnus of the China Scholars Program, which is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2021 course.
Stanford University Hoover Tower

China Scholars Program Online Course Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2021

News / May 3, 2021
Applications are open for the Fall 2021 session of the China Scholars Program, an intensive, college-level online course on contemporary China for U.S. high school students. Apply by June 15, 2021.
Brandon Cho at Todaiji Temple, Nara

A Journey Through Time: The RSP as a Gateway from the Past to My Future

Blogs / April 27, 2021
The following reflection is a guest post written by Brandon Cho, an alumnus of the Reischauer Scholars Program.
Sakura (cherry blossoms) in Kobe City

Winners Announced for the Spring 2020 and the Fall 2020 Stanford e-Japan Award

News / April 20, 2021
Congratulations to the eight students who have been named our top honorees and Honorable Mention recipients for 2020.
Honorees of SPICE’s regional programs in Japan

Ceremony Honors Top Students from SPICE’s Regional Programs in Japan

News / April 14, 2021
Congratulations to the eight honorees of SPICE’s 2019–2020 regional programs in Japan.
Japan Day honorees

SPICE Recognizes Top Students in Stanford e-Japan and the Reischauer Scholars Program

News / April 13, 2021
On March 26, 2021, a virtual award ceremony was held to honor SPICE’s Spring and Fall 2019 Stanford e-Japan honorees and 2020 Reischauer Scholars Program honorees.
Kristi Roundtree, University of Washington, announces Buchanan Prize recipient, Rylan Sekiguchi; images courtesy Association for Asian Studies

SPICE’s Rylan Sekiguchi Receives the 2021 Franklin R. Buchanan Prize

News / April 6, 2021
The prize is awarded annually by the Association for Asian Studies. It is the seventh time the SPICE staff has received the award.
George Takei, Hosato Enterprises, Inc., Los Angeles

Live Long and Prosper… and Stand Back

Blogs / March 22, 2021
In his March 15, 2021 lecture for SPICE’s Reischauer Scholars Program, actor George Takei—who played Hikaru Sulu, helmsman of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek—added “and Stand Back” to the iconic Star...
nine students headshot

What Does It Mean to Be an American?: Reflections from Students (Part 3)

Blogs / March 16, 2021
Reflections of nine students on the website "What Does It Mean to Be an American?"
Stanford Professor Kären Wigen gives a virtual seminar for Stanford SEAS Hawaii

Teachers in Hawaii Connect with Stanford Scholars

News / March 9, 2021
Twenty-four high school educators comprise the inaugural cohort of Stanford/Freeman SEAS Hawaii Fellows.
Victoria Tsai in Kyoto

Stanford e-Kawasaki Guest Speaker: Victoria Tsai, Founder and CEO, Tatcha

Blogs / March 2, 2021
The entrepreneur and businesswoman spoke to students about how certain key experiences in her life influenced her path.
rylan sekiguchi

SPICE’s Rylan Sekiguchi Is the 2021 Franklin R. Buchanan Prize Recipient

News / February 17, 2021
Rylan Sekiguchi was announced this week as the recipient of the 2021 Franklin R. Buchanan Prize for his authorship of What Does It Mean to Be an American?
Secretary Norman Mineta and Rylan Sekiguch

What Does It Mean to Be an American?: A Webinar for Educators, February 20, 2021, 10am PST

News / February 17, 2021
The Mineta Legacy Project and SPICE are providing an educational opportunity for people across the country to learn about the Japanese American experience during World War II by presenting a webinar...
Isa Silva and his family

The Silva Family’s Bracero Legacy and Stanford University: Abuelito and Abuelita’s Journey

Blogs / February 16, 2021
Isa Silva, grandson of a bracero from Jalisco, will enter Stanford next fall as a recruit for the Stanford Men’s Basketball team.
Headshot of Risa Ishii and Takaho Iwasaki

Journey into the World of Entrepreneurship: Stanford e-Hiroshima Guest Speakers, Risa Ishii and Takaho Iwasaki

Blogs / February 9, 2021
Stanford e-Hiroshima is an online course for high school students in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, that is sponsored by the Hiroshima Prefectural Government.